Porter Family in the Redwoods

When Tara and Chris suggested we photograph their family portraits in the Redwoods of Oakland I knew this would be a fun photoshoot. Any family that’s willing to go on a hike for their pictures is a family I want to photograph. 

I’ve known Tara since elementary school when we were carpool buddies obsessed with FRIENDS, No Doubt and eating jelly belly’s. She met Chris through their mutual love of concerts and good music. He took her on their first international trip - Thailand - which of course made him a win in my book. Their little, Declan, is a perfect combination of both of them. Adventurous and curious while easy going and happy. His version of being ‘cranky’ was talking to himself while we made the uphill hike back home. 99% of the time he was making eyes at me and laughing hysterically. I couldn’t help but ask them, repetitively, how they got so lucky. 

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family, friends!

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