Kellie and Ryder Engagement

Kellie and Ryder have the BEST ‘how we met’ story I have heard to date. I’ve known Ryder since he was in High School as one of the students in a youth group that I interned with years ago. I met Kellie in a completely different circle when she traveled to South East Asia with a class I teach through Westmont College about human trafficking. It wasn’t until years later that they started dating, and only last week that I learned how they met. They’ve known each other since Preschool, when Ryder wrote Kellie love notes (with the help of his Mom) announcing his love for Kellie, what he wanted for Christmas, and his intent to marry her. When they started dating, Kellie couldn’t remember if it was his twin brother, Tate, or Ryder, who had written her the letters. Thankfully her Mom had kept the notes tucked away in her baby book with ‘Kellie’s first love note’ scribbled on the corner. I’m convinced that Ryder has some sort of prophetic love gift. Way to know what you want in Preschool and decades later see that become your reality! We had a blast shooting their engagement session at my family ranch in Sunol, CA. Congratulations, you two!

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