What a beautiful day this was! Julia and Eddy met in law school, on UC Hastings’ negotiation team. They “sparred” together and Julia immediately recognized there was chemistry between them. Others apparently saw it too because they were asked to give a welcome speech to a large group of competitors from law schools around the country, which went really well. Soon after he asked Julia out on a date and she knew it wasn’t just her. 

The vision for their wedding was to create a feeling of a “secret garden,” which really comes from the idea of stumbling upon something beautiful and sacred that you could have never expected or envisioned before you arrived. Julia describes it as a representation of what love is - or at least that’s how their love felt.  Their venue felt like this - situated in a sleepy coastal town, with nothing but a small gate and sign outside. When you go in you’re taken into this whole other world, more beautiful and vibrant than anything you could have imagined. 

Their favor for their guests was a pretty copper key bottle opener. Julia was toying with how to present it to their guests because on one hand she wanted to use it to explain the secret garden theme, but she also wanted to people to know that it was a bottle opener so that it would actually get used rather than looked at and left on the table. She was playing with how to eloquently communicate both those concepts and when she asked Eddy, of course, he didn’t really get it and suggested we just write at the bottom of the gushy secret garden stuff “also a bottle opener”. Then it hit her! Use this as a way to showcase both of their styles. So, one side marked “Julia” had a beautiful quote from the book secret garden that tied everything together and the bag of the tag marked “Eddy” that succinctly explained its function (“also a bottle opener”). Classic Eddy and Julia.