Katie | No Hair Don’t Care

When one of your best friends calls you the day before you take off for Thailand and tells you that a mass has been found in her stomach, your world stops a little bit. When, a few weeks later, they diagnose her with Ovarian Cancer, you go into a bit of shock. We’re too young for this. I’m too young for this. My friends are not supposed to be diagnosed with cancer. We’re 32 years old. 

The last few months have been a journey for our dear Katie - and therefore for all of us. She has embraced this new season of life with so much tenacity and perseverance. She’s had a lot taken from her - an ovary, her hair, and her education, to name a few. Yet even amidst grieving this she remains, well, Katie. Hilarious and strong willed, making everyone around her laugh and giving of herself to all she meets. 

When I flew out to visit my dear friend last week she remembered my offer from months earlier to take portraits to remember this season, popped up from her nap after chemo, grabbed her camera, and announced ‘let’s go!’. So, go we did. We laughed and played and got muddy and watched the sun set. And the best moment for me? Was when she said “I feel pretty.”

Yes, my sweet and sassy friend. You are gorgeous. Even without your flaming red hair you are still one hot ass human. Beautiful inside just as much as out. Thank you for gifting me with your friendship. And for being my teacher in so many ways. 

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