My journey as a Photographer began at 17 years old when I picked up my first (film!) SLR camera. I was trained in the darkroom and am thankful for the technical training that afforded me. I’ve photographed for newspapers, celebrities, non-profits, friends, family and new friends! I also work full time with an organization called The Freedom Story. We work to prevent child exploitation through educational opportunities.

My goal as a photographer is to capture the moments that are fleeting. The twinkle in your eye. The smile when no one is looking. Your Grandma when she gets on the dance floor. When you look at a picture and you can feel the energy of the moment: that is my goal. 

I enjoy making my clients feel comfortable - no one ever enjoys a camera all up in their face! I tend to laugh easily and often and I hope that it makes you laugh, too!

Thank you for stopping by! You can learn more about me and see recent work at my blog or through the following social media sites. 

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